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May 15, 2013
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" Aw, c'mon Gil! Do me a favor just this once! " You said, mustering the best puppy-eyes you could muster, which wasn't easy considering you weren't the begging type. You knew how to get what you wanted, the way you wanted. 

" Vait, hold up! Vhat zhe hell is wrong vith you! You're sick und vhy zhe hell vould I vant to meet your family? " Gilbert said, flabbergasted. You sighed. 

" You sound like a vampire, dumb-ass. Still, just come with me alright? " You said, still begging.

" Vhy should I? " Gilbert said, cocking his head. Hell, you were about 43 degrees Celcius! Why did you care about the visit so much? Wait, weren't the only ones who met each other's families were couples? Did that mean- 

" Gil? Uh, dude? What the hell happened to you? " You said, snapping Gilbert back to reality.

" You're straight right? " Gilbert asked, his head snapping up at you. You felt your cheeks heat up slightly.

" Uh, of course! Dude, what the hell? I'm straight! What, you thought I was gay or something? " You said, trying to act cocky. 

" Good. If you vere gay... " Gilbert shivered at the thought. You raised your eyebrow. 

" Why would I be gay? Dude, something is wrong with you! My fever must be getting to you as well! All I did was invite you to my house! " You said, looking at him strangely. Gilbert coughed, a slight pink tint on his cheeks.

" Wait, no way, you thought I invited you because I wanted you to meet my parents? Bro, dude... Why in the world would you think that! No way, are you gay, my dear Gilbert? " You said, a confused and amused look on your face.

" Nein! Damn it, bastard! " Gulbert said, grumbling. You rolled your eyes.

" Whatever dude... Man, I pity you... " You said, clucking your tongue. Gilbert pouted and opened his mouth to say something, but you spoke before he did. 

" Yeah. Seriously... Still, not that I blame you, girls these days are bitches. " You said, shrugging. 

" I'm not a fag! " Gilbert said, glaring at you. You chuckled.

" Oh please... That excuse didn't work for the Nazis! " You said, sticking your tongue out.

" Please don't tell zhe awesome me you just quoted that from Glee. " He said, sighing. You chuckled. 

" It ain't my problem bro. That show is awesome~ " You sang, rolling your eyes, as you reached out for the thermometer by the bed stand. You stuck it under your underarm and stared at Gilbert in silence. 

" Fag, don't stare at me like zhat. " Gilbert said, shooting you a look. 

" Well what am I supposed to do Count Dracula? " You said, sneering at his weird accent. Gilbert pouted.

" Vell, it ain't mein problem if you don't like mein awesome accent! " Gilbert said, sticking his tongue out at you. You rolled your eyes and snuggled deeper into the thin blankets. Gilbert inched his way closer to you. The thermometer beeped and you grabbed it, your eyes widening at your temperature.

" Damn, 40 degrees Celsius... " You said, sighing. As much as your body ached and shivered, you refused to show weakness in front of Gilbert. He stood up and grabbed the nearest face towel. He dampened it with water and squeezed it, and placed it above your forehead. You looked at him, grumbling.

" You don't have to be here you know, I can take care of myself. " You said, placing the blanket higher over your body. That was a lie of course, but you grew up alone after all. You were quite used to it.

" Shut up
arschloch... " He said, helping you with the blanket. You sighed.

" Gil, I told you I can do it. " You said, turning away so you wouldn't face him. He pouted.

" Nein! Let zhe awesome me help! " Gilbert said, muttering something to himself.

" No! "

" Ja! "

" No! "

" Ja! "

" Gilbert Beilschmidt! I will not repeat myself! " You said, shouting, and coughing in the end. Gilbert raised his eyebrow at you.

" Yeah right, dick-head. " Gilbert said, sneering as he brushed away a lock of your hair.

" Nigga. " You muttered under your breath.

" Vhat? " Gilbert said.

" Nothing. " You said, still looking away. Gilbert sighed and picked up a glass of water from the bed stand.

" Here, drink. " Gilbert said, helping you sit up.

" What? " You replied, sighing and groaning as you sat up. Your head was spinning as you focused on the drink in Gilbert's hand.

" Drink. Look, if you continue being stubborn, you won't feel better and I won't be able to visit. " Gilbert said, placing his hand on your chin and tilting your head up, so your eyes met his. You felt your cheek heat up slightly. Gilbert pressed the cup to your lips and you drank the refreshing water, slowly.

" So, you'll go? Do you even know why? " You stuttered. Gilbert scowled.

" Nein! Damn it! I don't even know why! " Gilbert said, glaring. You rolled your eyes.

Wow, talk about some change in the personality.

" Look, my family... Is not normal... They're... Different. I'm not the type to be with dudes and if my mom sees me with a few dudes, then she'll realize that I know how to take care of myself. " You replied. 

" Und vhat vill zhe awesome me get out of this? " Gilbert implied. You glared at him.

" Dude, your accent is annoying! C'mon! Please? " You said, just as the school's nurse stepped in. Gilbert looked at your puppy-eyes and sighed. 

" I'll think about it. " Gilbert said, and with that, he stood up and walked away. 

Strangely, it felt rather lonely without the idiotic Albino. 

~(= + = )~

" Amigo~ " A certain voice sang out. You spun around only to be crushed in the Spaniard's hug. You chuckled to yourself. 

" 'Sup Toni~? " You said, rather casually. The school nurse had helped you with your fever and after a few hours of sleeping, you actually felt strong enough to stand. So there you were, walking through the empty corridors. The Spaniard pouted.

" I missed you Chica~! " Antonio said, eye-smiling. You giggled and hugged him back.

" I missed you too Toni~! " You said, mimicking his childish accent.

" But we really should run away right now, the others will be here any moment! " Antonio said, tugging on your hand. You raised your eyebrow at him.

" What? " You replied, not quote understanding him. He used his free hand to point behind you, but before you could turn around, you were crushed into a hug by a few people.

" Mon ami! " " (Male F/N)! " " Dude! "

You chuckled softly as you looked up, meeting the delighted faces of Francis, Eli and Alfred. You ran your hand though your messy hair and you smiled at them.

" What's up my bros~? " You said, smirking coyly at them. They rolled their eyes.

" What happened to you? We were worried! " Eli said. Alfred and Francis nodded.

" I'm still sick, Eli. I had fever this morning, guess it got worse during the B-ball game. " You said, nonchalantly. Eli groaned. 

" ( Male Name )! You should've told coach! " Alfred said, his cowlick bouncing. You chuckled. 

" I'm fine, I've gone through worse! Heck, I broke my arm while skateboarding! I didn't even cry. " You said, though there was an edge of bitterness in your voice. " Oh and did you score the point? " 

" Yeah! I fucking slam dunked the ball! " Alfred said, grinning. You chuckled and high-fived him. Francis sighed.

" Oui, you 'ave gone through worse. Still... "  He started.

" Don't push yourself too hard. " A familiar voice called out. You turned to the direction of the voice. Gilbert was leaning against the school wall. Staring at you cockily, a coy smirk was plastered on his face. You rolled your eyes, as he walked over the little group. 

" Says the guy who got beat up last night... " You muttered. Gilbert winced, remembering the cut on his cheek.

" Beat up? The date? Oh yeah, you didn't say anything! " Eli said, looking at you. You groaned.

" It was boring as hell! That bastard kept on trying to make out with me! Trying to shove her cleavage in my face! Damn it. " You said. Eli pretended to gag, even the guys were holding back their disgust. 

" Dude! That is disgusting! " Alfred said, groaning. You chuckled a bit. 

" That doesn't explain Gilbert getting beat up, though. " Eli said, glancing at Gilbert.

" Look, zhe awesome me went out, got ganged up by zhem bastards on zhe street. (Male Name) here vas just passing by and- " Gilbert said. You cut him off.

" Actually, we got kidnapped last night. Gilbert got beat up, the cut on his cheek was proof. " You replied, nonchalantly. 

" Ja... Technically... He beat two 6 feet dudes vith his bare fists. " Gilbert said, rolling his eyes, clearly not amused with you cutting him off like that.

" Wait, why were you kidnapped? And how the hell did you beat them up? " Eli said, the rest of them nodding in agreement. 

" First of all, I'm the son of (Father's name), the Founder and CEO of Empire Enterprises. Secondly, Mixed-martial arts classes, since I was 7 up until last year. " You replied, yawning. 

" You're his son? " Alfred exclaimed, his eyes growing wide. You nodded at him.

" Dude! Why didn't you tell me! Fuck yeah! We can get drunk at (Male Name)'s father's bar! Woot! " Alfred said, grinning idiotically. You sighed, and mentally face-palmed. 

" Dude! Just because he's my dad, doesn't mean you can have free drinks! " You said, groaning. 

" Come on! Well, can you at least invite us over to your house or something? " Alfred said, pouting. You smiled slightly, recalling your offer with Gilbert. 

" Hm... Fine... Later? It is Friday after all~ " You said, your smile turning into a grin. 

" Yeah! Woot! Can we have a party? " Alfred said, grinning. You groaned. 

" No! " You said, earning a few chuckles from them. 

Except Gilbert Beilschdmidt. 

~(= + = )~

Well, this was turning out to be quite the day... First of all, Eli and Alfred weren't able to tag along due to, busy schedules.

" (Male Name)! I'm so so so sorry! Roderich allowed me to have piano lessons with him today, and just, I don't want to leave you with assholes and all... " Eli had said, apologetically. You forced a smile at her, knowing that after all, she and Roderich had a special relationship. 

" No! It's fine really! They may be assholes, but I can handle them. " You said, smiling at her. She smiled back.

" Thank you! Oh gosh, I love you! " She said, grinning and rushing away to look for Roderich. You felt a slight tap on your back, turning around you saw Alfred looking at you sheepishly. 

" Dude, look man... I'm so sorry but I can't party tonight. My bro, Arthur, wants me to stay with him tonight, and I asked him to tutor me in Calculus... " Alfred said, groaning. You sighed. 

" Fine... Darn it Alfred! " You replied. Alfred scratched his head, sheepishly.

" I know. I know... Just send me some beer as well alright! Don't leave the hero out of the party! " He said, running along. You sighed and chuckled. Hoping that this "event" would still turn out good. 

So, that was how you ended up in front of your mansion's gate with the rest of the party, meaning, the rest of the BTT. You groaned slightly to yourself. Typical of them to let you babysit the BTT. Thank God Antonio was there. 

" Kesesesese~ " A long string of laughter escaped from Gilbert's mouth. His pet bird, Gilbird as he called it, was flying cheerily around him. You sighed. 

" Gilbert, get back here! " You hollered after him, as he walked up to the mansion's mahogany doors, right past the garden. You heard a sigh of awe, turning you saw Antonio and Francis gaping at your house. 

" Wow... Amigo... This is... One big house... " Antonio said, breathlessly. You chuckled as Francis nodded. 

" 77,000 square meters. As big as Buckingham Palace, my dear Toni~ " You said, smiling. Antonio's mouth dropped.

" B-B-Buckingham Palace? The one where Prince William lives in? " Antonio said, his eyes popping out. You chuckled.

" Yeah, that one. " You said, continuing to walk at a brisk pace towards the mansion. Heck, you were silently praying in your head that your father or even your mother wasn't there, because if they were, Gilbert would be good as dead now. Then again, if he was dead, you should've heard the sound of an army tank killing him... You twisted the knob open and saw no sign of Gilbert. 

" Gilbert! Asshole! Bastard! Where are you! " You said, yelling, but not too loudly. A slight scream answered you. 

" Fuck... Feliks... Please please please tell me you didn't do it again... " You said, rushing up the stairs towards the third floor, Felik's floor. Yes, he had a whole floor to himself. You did as well. 

" Feliks? Who's Feliks? " Antonio asked, a twinge of jealousy in his voice.

" My big brother. My gay big brother... " You replied, smiling. Antonio raised his eyebrows at 'gay' but nevertheless, didn't push it. You walked even faster as another yelp came from the room. It was definitely Gilbert, you could tell by the hint of German in it. You flung open the door and your eyes widened.

There was Gilbert, on the bed, handcuffed, with Feliks on top of him, pinning him down. Gilbert had a pleading look in his eyes, Feliks on the other hand, was smiling down at him, licking his lips, dressed up in his favorite blouse and skirt. You sighed and shook you head. 

" Hey Feliks~ Long time no see my bro~! Now, let go of the albino. " You said, chuckling at him. 

~(= + = )~

Dedicated to :iconskinnycamera: for the Telenovela inspiration of Ina, Kapatid, Anak. (( Di ba pwedeng Be Careful With My Heart? Si Ser Chief eh! Ahahaha~ ))

I FREAKING FINISHED IT. ERMAGURD. :iconhandspazzplz: Ahahaha~ I missed you bros, I freaking missed you! Did you miss me too? You didn't? Fine! Ahahaha~ JK~ Anyway, the fabulous Feliks has arrived! :iconfabulousplz: :icongetsomeplz: Yay~! So... If you were wondering what happened, Feliks tried to hit on Gil. Yes, just yes~ Ahahaha~ So, my hiatus will be ending soon! :iconyayprussiaplz: I'll update as much as I can till then~! Heck, I can't wait for the other chapters! Feliks is here! Woot! Anyone want Toris in as well? Ahahaha~ AND SO I SHALL NOW CALL GIL, COUNT DRACULA!

BTW, please check out my journal entry, [link] , My upcoming series, " Hey Mister! I Think I Like You! " is now official, and I'm so excited for it! Check out my journal for more details, and your own possible requests for the countries you want to have a CrossDresser! Insert~ Oh, and in the last chapter's voting, Prom wins! But, wins what? Well, the answer is simple, the voting was a poll for when you want your secret to be revealed, you gays chose Prom~ But of course, it is in the hands of yours truly~ Ohohoho~ Secret revealed? Stay tuned my dears~ =]]] :heart:

Hetalia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:

You belong to :iconjustthatawesomeplz:
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